The complete platform for smart cities

ABO DATA is leading the way with IOT SMART CITY, an IoT/M2M application platform designed to manage the full spectrum of city services including:

    • The SMART CITY Smart Parking platform works with a wide range of parking sensor technologies and protocols for maximum flexibility and rapid deployment of new smart parking applications. The platform can collect data from wireless parking space sensors distributed throughout city centers to central data management control applications. Such data can be used to direct drivers towards available parking spaces via indication panels and smartphone apps, including the potential to integrate payment and booking functionality to truly transform the parking process.
    • IOT SMART CITY offers a remote lighting and control solution for smarter regulation of our growing cities’ vast lighting grids, one of the most expensive and energy consuming services provided by city governments
    • With IOT SMART CITY’s Smart Waste Management Solutions, waste management organizations can leverage the power of the Internet of Things to bring this complex yet vital service into the 21st century.  The platform collects and integrates data from waste bin sensors, vehicle GPS systems as well as data from other connected city services such as traffic monitors and open data sources enabling truly optimized and dynamic vehicle route planning.  Powerful data management tools including statistical analysis enables smarter decision making for future collection strategies.  IOT SMART CITY leverages the power of connectivity to help reduce the cost and carbon footprint of waste management while improving service quality and enabling innovative new approaches to collection scheduling and billing.
    • The IOT SMART CITY application platform enables centralized and dynamic control and monitoring of such systems as heating/air conditioning systems, interior and exterior lighting, smoke and fire sensors, plant water sensors, parking, security and surveillance systems and utility meters.  Intelligent camera and building access applications can be used to collect and integrate data on occupant usage patterns.  By collecting, processing and storing data from these various systems, smarter decisions can be made regarding daily operating procedures to reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs and improve security while optimizing living conditions. IOT SMART CITY’s security features, scalability and device handling flexibility creates a future-proof solution that can expand with customer needs.
    • IOT SMART CITY’s Intelligent Transportation System encompasses a broad range of technologies that integrate information from multiple data sources from a single platform, giving transportation managers more control over transportation grids including more complete views of system status in real time. The platform can integrate data from a wide range of sensors and monitors distributed throughout the transportation infrastructure for increased safety and smarter scheduling and route planning decisions. IOT SMART CITY features alarm functionality for rapid and easy identification of system failures, and system status monitoring for tracking energy consumption and preventative maintenance needs. Integration of data from other smart city services such as traffic monitors and open data sources such as commuter reports of accidents or outages for a truly holistic approach to maximizing public transportation efficiency, quality and safety.
  • and more .....

all from a single platform: IOT SMART CITY


  • Reduce energy costs with intelligent, on-demand lighting control and data analytics across the lighting grid
  • Reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions by helping drivers quickly identify available parking spaces
  • Increase efficiency of overall waste management through improved processes based on real-time data
  • Improve building services and reduced energy and maintenance costs based on real time occupancy patterns
  • Improve control and visualization of transportation grid status across multiple transportation systems with alarm features for enhanced safety
  • An enterprise-grade application platform
  • Centralized control and monitoring of multiple city services
  • Highest level of data security and sensitive data
  • Fully-distributed operations allow for local, real-time operations and coordinated city-wide services
  • OSGI architecture allows for easy integration of legacy systems and devices, and modern web services


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